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Welcome to the single-cell world podcast! I am Cátia Moutinho.Here, we disentangle single-cell technology. I will share with you my knowledge, tips, advice, and experiences concerning single-cell research and technology. It doesn’t matter what level of expertise you have in this field. If you are a scientist, this podcast is for you!Listen and learn about this new technology.

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4 days ago

In this insightful podcast episode, I have the privilege of interviewing Simone Picelli, the Head of the Single-Cell Genomics Platform at the Institute of Ophthalmology Basel. As we talked, we got into the specifics of single-cell RNA sequencing (scRNA-seq) full-length methods from the SMART-seq family.
Simone shared valuable insights into various methods within, including SMART-seq, SMART-seq 2, SMART-seq 3, FLASH-seq, FLASH-seq low-amplification, and FLASH-seq with UMI. We explored the unique features and applications of each method, highlighting their contributions to advancing single-cell genomics research. 
In addition, we also talked about other common methods and the bigger picture of single-cell sequencing technology, such as the problems it faces and its future.
Explore the fascinating world of SMART-seq methods with Simone Picelli - a must-listen episode. Tune in now and learn about the ideal way to study RNA isoforms. 

Thursday Jan 11, 2024

The Single-Cell World Podcast is now available in video as well, but just on Apple Podcast and in our new YouTube channel  😉
Episode 14: Single-Cell Methods, an overview, needed an update since there is a fourth method that is being used to individualize cells when using single-cell sequencing technology.
Join me and listen to it, as well as other updates concerning the methods that are at the core of the single-cell sequencing technology.
Here I leave you a gift, related with this episode.Thank you for listening.Kind Regards,Cátia

Monday Dec 11, 2023

Hi there!
Today is Part 2 of the review of single-cell-related products launched in 2023. I hope I don't miss any. If I do, send me a message telling me about it. 😉
Here are some useful links:
Exploring Single-Cell Sequencing online course
Companies that I talk during this episode (part 2):
Scale Biosciences
Scipio Bioscience
Singleron Biotechnologies
Takara Bio
10X Genomics
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Thanks for listening!

Monday Dec 04, 2023

Hi there!
Today I review single-cell-related products launched in 2023. They are a lot! I hope I don't miss any. If I do, send me a message telling me about it. 😉
Here are some useful links:
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Companies that I talk during this episode (part 1):
BD Biosciences 
Ep. 18: Samples Multiplexing
BioScryb Genomics
Fluent BioSciences
Episode 31: Podcast Fluent BioSciences
Honeycomb Biotechnologies
Episode 19: Podcast Honeycomb Biotechnologies
Mission Bio
Episode 16: Podcast Mission Bio
Parse Biosciences 
Episode 35: Podcast Parse Biosciences
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Thanks for listening!

Monday Nov 20, 2023

Hello there!
The Spatial and Single-Cell Analysis Playbook was released last week. Front Line Genomics produced it. I was honored to be invited to take part in it.
In this episode, you can hear the questions that were asked (AI voice here) and my responses during this fantastic interview.
I hope you like it!
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The Single-Cell World website
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Thanks for listening.Cheers,Cátia

Monday Nov 13, 2023

Hi there!
Would you like to know what quality control steps I think are essential before a spatial transcriptomics experiment? In my experience, these control steps can save you a lot of headaches.
Listen now, and tell me if you agree.
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The Single-Cell World website
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Thanks for listening.Cheers,Cátia

Monday Nov 06, 2023

Discover the marvels of MERSCOPE®, a revolutionary platform that's reshaping the world of single-cell spatial transcriptomics. Think of it as Google Earth for genes; it allows us to directly map and quantify the spatial distribution of hundreds to tens of thousands of RNA species in individual cells. Dr. Jiang He, Vizgen’s Scientific Co-founder and Senior Director of Scientific Affairs explains everything about the MERSCOPE® technology! 
Listen now to learn more about single-cell spatial technology. And if you enjoy our podcast, don't forget to share with friends and subscribe to our podcast to listen to more groundbreaking discussions! 🚀🧬
Useful links:
Vizgen website
Vizgen Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube
Dr. Jiang He Twitter and LinkedIn
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Thanks for listening.Cheers,Cátia

Monday Oct 30, 2023

Hi!Would you like to get a general idea about the sample preparation standard protocols for spatial transcriptomics experiments?Listen now 😉.Useful links:
Youtube Videos
Frozen Tissues Preparation
FFPE Tissues Preparation
How to Cut Your Frozen Tissue Sample To Get Beautiful Sections?
OCT Blocks Prep
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Thank you so much for listening.


Meet Our Host

Cátia Moutinho, is a biologist with a rich background in biomedicine, marked by her PhD and a master's in clinical trials and medical affairs. Her profound knowledge in cancer genetics and epigenetics is not just theoretical. It's rooted in hands-on lab experience, paired with an extensive understanding of single-cell and spatial technologies.

Cátia's journey started in Portugal, stretched over a decade in Spain, and then took her down under to Australia. There, she spearheaded a distinguished team dedicated to advancements in single-cell and spatial technologies. Notably, she served as the Associate Director at the Garvan-Weizmann Center for Cellular Genomics within the Garvan Medical Research Institute.

Now, she's back in Portugal, continuing her passion as a scientific advisor and the visionary behind the Single-Cell World Project.


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